Free Range Eggs? No.

“During the growing months, hens pick up many bugs and worms which furnish an excellent source of animal-protein feed, and therefore they do not need so much meat scrap as hens which do not have a good range, but the bugs do not furnish meat feed enough to give a good egg yield.”

USDA, Farmers’ Bulletin #1067, “Feeding Hens for Egg Laying” (1919)

While we may say it is “natural” for hens to live outdoors and range for their food, it is NOT “natural” for them to provide eggs as desired by farmers for their own consumption.  The added expectation on egg production requires additions to nature, which is the farmer’s role in managing livestock.  The USDA recommended that meat scraps, fish scraps or dairy extras be added to mash fed to hens daily to provide for steady egg production.  MFF subscribers can read more here…

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