Daily Evening Chores – November 2016

  1. Remove dogs from field and chain them up for the night.
  2. Feed dogs and fill water buckets.
  3. Fill dairy goat feeder in overnight stall.
  4. Move dairy goats from from field to overnight stalls .
  5. Feed young goat buck in stall.
  6. Feed breeding buck and nannies being bred in pen.
  7. Feed cows in pen.
  8. Feed pigs in pen.
  9. Clean out water tanks/buckets and fill.
  10. Fill hay racks for all goats.
  11. Clean out henhouse feed bowls.
  12. Feed hens.
  13. Clean out hen waterer(s).
  14. Fill hen waterers.
  15. Return all feed buckets & scoops to shop building.
  16. Collect eggs.
  17. Return to house.
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