Daily Morning Chores – Nov 2016

  1. Fill dairy goat feeder in field.
    2 1/2 scoops 16% Southern States Goat feed
  2. Move dairy goats from overnight stalls to field.
  3. Feed young goat buck in stall.
    1/2  scoop 16% Southern States Goat feed
  4. Feed breeding buck and nannies being bred in pen.
    2  scoops 16% Southern States Goat feed
  5. Feed cows in pen.
    7 scoops Southern States Powerstroke feed
  6. Feed pigs in pen.
    6 scoops Southern States Swine feed
  7. Clean out water tanks/buckets and fill.
  8. Fill hay racks for all goats.
  9. Move breeding dogs to field.
  10. Water non-breeding dogs.
  11. Clean out henhouse feed bowls.
  12. Feed hens.
  13. Clean out hen waterer(s).
  14. Fill hen waterers.
  15. Return all feed buckets & scoops to shop building.
  16. Collect eggs.
  17. Return to house.
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