Family Meat Service

While the demand of American cities and suburbs requires that modern farms raise animals in unnatural ways for meat supply, your family doesn’t need to purchase your meats through that supply system.  Buying directly from Michael Family Farm allows your family to enjoy higher quality meats from animals that are raised in healthy, natural conditions.   In these conditions, there is no need for loading animals with medications or rushing them through a feeding process that makes them sick as they are prepared for slaughter.  Our animals enjoy fresh feeds and water in the open air.

While we would not advertise our meats as “organic” because we do not believe that is actually in the best interest of the animals, only a way of raising prices, we do assure our customers that our animals are kept in the best possible conditions on a balanced, sustainable farm that uses traditional methods.

Healthy Living Conditions

Our animals spend most or all of their time in clean, open pastures and pens that are kept clean by sunlight, rain and wind throughout the year in rural North Carolina.  The only time animals are kept indoors is when they are giving birth or nursing newborns.  Our farm has excellent fencing (no barbed wire), clean pastures and comfortable housing for animals.  Our animals are not managed by machines or left to themselves, but are personally cared for every morning and evening.

Natural Diet

Our animals are fed very simple diet composed of farm products and leftovers.

  • Cattle:  grass, hay, corn, wheat middlings
  • Pigs:  corn, farm kitchen extras
  • Sheep:  grass, hay, corn
  • Chickens:  free range, corn, wheat middlings, leftover dairy

In addition to these healthy food sources our cows and sheep have free access to a mineal/salt lick for their other nutrients and minerals.

Clean Water Supply

One of the most overlooked health issues for animals is that quality of their water supply.  Many farms leave their livestock to drink from dirty ponds in which the animals also wade and bathe, or from creeks which contain water run-off from nearby farms using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.  Our animals drink from a fresh well water supply that has  been tested by our county health department and is approved not only for animal, but also human consumption.

We raise Dexter cattle, a smaller breed of cattle that produce both meat and milk on the farm.  Dexters are smaller than the cattle raised for the commercial meat industry, and gentler for family farm handling.  They eat half as much as larger breeds, which makes care for them less of a financial burden for the farm, and eliminates the need to supplement diet feed with commercial feeds.  Our Dexters live on pasture with access to fresh drinking water that has been tested and approved for human use by our county health department.

Licensed by the State of North Carolina

Michael Family Farm is licensed to store, sell and transport meat by the State of North Carolina.  What that means is that our handling of meats we produce is always sanitary and that we are accountable to outside inspectors for your safety.  All of our animals are butchered at a Grade A meat processing facility, where the meat is vacuum-packed and frozen until it’s eaten.

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