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Galen of Pergamon (129-216 AD)

Galen of Pergamon (129-216 AD)

Throughout history, there have been different theories of how the body works, what makes it ill, how health is restored, what happens after death, etc.. Today, it is assumed that everyone shares the same theory, that which is taught by the schools which issue the “M.D.” degrees, but it does not need to be so–and should not be so.

While it may appear that “modern medicine” (which is not “modern” at all) has accomplished some amazing things, it is rarely ever subjected to criticism or compared to what was believed and practiced before.  Other theories are not given a chance to speak, which should seem strange to those of us living in a society that boasts of its “freedom” and “open-mindedness”.  The greatest proof that modern medicine is not as great as many suggest is that it is financially unsustainable.  “Obamacare” is the latest measure taken to make modern healthcare affordable…by penalizing people who can’t afford–or simply don’t want it.

We believe that, if given a chance to speak, classical medicine is superior to modern medicine.  We are not saying that errors cannot be found in the writings of the ancients, but they are not many and they are not important.  We believe, however, that Hippocrates, Aristotle and Galen, the greatest of the ancient teachers on the subject, provide for us a sustainable and satisfying philosophy of health that is–as a system–better than modern medicine.

In the pages below, we introduce the teachings of the ancients and welcome your questions and comments.


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