Household Co-Op


In addition to the work of the farm, Michael Family Farm works to give local families access to high quality household goods at great prices through our household co-op program.

Products Available

  • Grains, Breads and Cereals
  • Fresh fruits/vegetables
  • Meats
  • Eggs
  • Baking supplies

How It Works

Standard household supplies are ordered a month in advance by co-op members.  Members can visit the farm office to review available products and see samples.  Orders may be placed online or through the office.  We combine all orders received and order bulk shipments from our suppliers.  Suppliers deliver to our warehouse on Stack Road.  We fill co-op member orders in preparation for scheduled pickup/delivery dates.

Why the MFF Co-Op?

With online stores like Amazon and Wal-Mart making home delivery of millions of products possible, it may seem that a local household co-op is no longer necessary.  However, many families desire quality that is not available through these stores and have the means to obtain that quality.  There are also many benefits available to families through a local, personal co-op that cannot be replaced by modern stores.  The ability to obtain fresh, locally grown farm products, to discuss practical matters with experienced people who share your values, and the option to trade products are all lost in modern stores and online shopping.  Sure, online shopping is good for many things, but not everything.


The goal of our household co-op is not to offer the lowest prices on products, but to offer the best products at the best possible prices.  We will lower our prices as co-op membership increases and our discounts consequently increase.

Home Delivery

While families are always free to visit the farm and pick up their own orders, we’re happy to provide free delivery to regular co-op subscribers.  Home delivery is available to any family that has been a co-op member for three months.

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