MFF Family Food Service

A large farm family manages food much differently than families in cities and suburbs do.  The quality of food used is higher, the price of food purchased is lower and the culture of the home is more satisfying.  Through our Family Food Service, we seek to give local families the opportunity to enjoy benefits of farm family life off the farm.

What We Do

Each week, we produce a good deal of the food we eat–meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables and milk.  We have no need to go to the grocery store because the fresh foods are here on the farm.  What we do need to purchase are bulk quantities of items that we do not produce, like flour, rice, beans, pasta, oil, salt, sugar, and so on.  Since we already have these relationships with quality food suppliers, and local fresh produce, we can share the benefits with local families who participate in our family food service.  We can obtain, store and deliver your family’s supplies, simplifying your family food purchases and saving you a great deal of money.

How to Order

To order from our family food service, you simply need to place an order from our catalog by email, phone, online or in person here on the farm.  We add your products to our next order–and that’s that.   We can provide a printed order form, but we recommend you use our online catalog here at

Pickup and Delivery

We host a small outdoor market on the farm every Saturday.  You are welcome to visit the farm and pick up your order on Saturday, or schedule delivery to your home.  A minimum order of $50 is required for deliver and local delivery is free for orders over $100.



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