Plymouth Rock Hens

We maintain a flock of around 100 white Plymouth Rock hens.  These are considered “dual purpose” hens, meaning that they are reliable producers of eggs but also large enough to provide meat.

Daily Diet

Our birds are fed a simple mix prepared daily on the farm:

  • Corn
  • Protein/Mineral Meal (Info)

That it–no medications or chemical supplements.

Meat & Egg Sales

Adult meat birds are available on the farm for purchase, but must leave the farm alive.  At this time, we do not butcher or package chicken.  If you would like us to raise meat birds for your home or business, we’re happy to do so.  Please contact us.

Fresh eggs are always available on the farm for pick-up ($5/dozen) or by monthly subscription ($4/dozen).   We raise as many as we sell and eat ourselves, so if you’re like to purchase eggs from the farm regularly, please do so by subscription.

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