Yorkshire Pigs

In the past, when family farms were common, no farmer would think a good farm was possible without a few pigs.  Pigs turn what would be wasted on a farm into pork, which is an amazing process.  We keep a herd of healthy Yorkshire pigs out in the fresh air that are fed carefully every day and receive no medications of any kind.

Daily Diet

Our pigs eat a mix prepared here on the farm, consisting of:

  • Daily Mix (4-5 lbs. per pig)
    • Ground Corn
    • Protein/Mineral meal (Info)
  • Extras:
    • House kitchen scraps
    • Pecans from the orchard
    • Broken eggs from the henhouse
    • Dairy extras

That’s it–no medications or chemical supplements of any kind.


We are licensed meat handlers in North Carolina and always have Grade A packaged meats for sale on the farm.

If you’re interested in purchasing feeder pigs or would like to order a pig or part of a pig for butchering, please contact us.

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