Cattle Terms

Calf:  Baby cattle of both genders, until weaning Heifer:  young, female cattle that has not calved Steer:  castrated male cattle Bull:  adult, male cattle capable of breeding (“intact”) Ox:  mature steer (2+ years), trained for draft work Cow:  adult, female cattle that has calved

Subsistence Farming, Part 1

When people are frustrated, it is easy for them to fly, wildly, to extremes and imagine them to be real solutions.  We see this nowhere better than in political mess before us in the presidential election this year.  People who are struggling financially in the suburban life, or Christians who are uncomfortable working with unbelievers because … Read more


The bluebird has not been accused, so far as known, of stealing fruit or of preying upon crops. An examination of 855 stomachs showed that 68 per cent of the food consists of insects and their allies, while the other 32 per cent is made up of various vegetable substances, found mostly in stomachs taken … Read more