New Tractor on the Farm

Today, we purchased a new Kubota L3901 for the farm.  Here are some specs: 39 HP diesel engine Agricultural tires (pictured) Quick-connect bucket with forks package (option added) Adjustable PTO stabilizer bars (option added) $0 down, 0% APR, 60 month financing There were/are many options for tractors, but I believe this one is best for us. … Read more

Caring for Baby Chicks (Simple)

While there are many sources of information on raising chicks, the best starting place is this old USDA guide intended for farm children raising chicks. Read:  usda_careofbabychicks_mff

Canning on the Farm

When many think of “canning” they think of making some jelly or putting away some green beans, but canning is much more important and extensive than that on a self-sufficient farm.  Vegetables, fruits and meats can all be canned for year-round use, and it’s largely become a lost art as people turn to electric freezers … Read more

Feeding Hens

While most who raise hens today for eggs buy feed from local supply shops, a self-suufficient farm needs to learn to feed hens sufficiently with farm-produced ingredients.  The USDA published a great handbook in 1919 explaining just how to do this. Read:  usda_feeding-hens-for-egg-production

Farm Household Accounts

Traditionally, the farm housewife was responsible for keeping tabs on the money and products coming in and out of the house, as a part of the larger farm accounting system.  Managing these accounts on a farm is unlike mere check book balancing in a modern consumer household.  This guide provides detailed instructions on what records are … Read more

Raising a Few Hogs

Don’t be distracted by commercial hog farming, which complicates the traditional raising of family farm hogs.  This simple guide helps families get started raising hogs in a sustainable way. Read here:  usda_raisingfewhogs

Castrating Pigs

Male pigs are castrated when raised for meat.  A good instruction manual for castrating pigs was published by the USDA back in 1916. Read:  usda_castratingpigs

Columella, Rules of Husbandry

“Let him, who applies himself to the study of Husbandry, know, that those principal things following, and of the greatest importance, must be called to his assistance : Prudence and knowledge of his business; Ability to spend and lay out money upon it; and a Willingness to act. For, after all, as Tremellius fays, “He … Read more