New Tractor on the Farm

Jonathan (left) checking out the L3901 we purchased.

Today, we purchased a new Kubota L3901 for the farm.  Here are some specs:

  • 39 HP diesel engine
  • Agricultural tires (pictured)
  • Quick-connect bucket with forks package (option added)
  • Adjustable PTO stabilizer bars (option added)
  • $0 down, 0% APR, 60 month financing

There were/are many options for tractors, but I believe this one is best for us.

First, we were using a 33 hp Kubota BX7800 and never had any problems with power.  We moved up a notch to the 39 hp L series because it is a more durable model.  It’s worth noting that most implements (rakes, cultivators, etc.) suggest that tractor power not exceed 40 hp.

Second, the next model up was the L4701.  We might have considered the more powerful model, but the frame size is larger and it would not serve our garden work as well as the narrower model.

We’ve been very happy with Kubota and are looking forward to working with this new model.

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