Clearing Land


We own 25 acres of land that we are currently clearing, little by little.  Thankfully, our land was previously filled with pine trees.  The pine trees were cut and the stumps rotted away over 4-5 years.  Unfortunately, we were busy with other work and, as those stumps rotted, new pine trees sprouted and today the property is full of pine trees with trunks 2-5″ thick.

I’ve armed the boys with machetes and hatchets and set them to work, hacking and breaking down anything they can get.  I tell them to cut the pines about 2 ft. tall and I do the same with the chainsaw to get things moving.  They get a nice burning pile started and burn what they can get over to the pile.  When we’ve cleared a section, I clear all the stumps and roots with the tractor and push all the brush into piles for composting.

Process is pretty enjoyable and the boys love this work.  Best of all, we have time out together to work and talk and get some healthy exercise.

When this land is cleared, we’ll be establishing pasture and moving our beef cattle out here, providing the community with grass-fed beef from our Dexter cattle.

God bless,

Bill Michael

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