Cow and Goat Shares

Cow shares are now open for purchase at Michael Family Farm

Dear friends,

We have confirmed with the NC Dept. of Agriculture that dairy cow shares are once again legal in North Carolina and will be available at Michael Family Farm beginning January 2019.

Like most farmers, while enjoying fresh milk on the farm, we have not invested in dairy herds because the sale of “raw” (i.e., unpasteurized) milk to consumers has been illegal both directly and through dairy cow shares.

Some farmers have dishonestly chosen to sell milk labeled “Not for human consumption” to buyers whom they knew were buying it for themselves.  We would never do that and, thankfully, don’t need to.  The fact that those farmers were willing to lie for a sale should have been a red flag to any thoughtful buyer, but these dishonest deals are exactly what causes milk sales to be made illegal in the first place.  Never, buy from a farmer who suggests that laws be winked at.

Now that dairy cow shares have been made legal again, we are making preparations to add a beautiful herd of Jersey dairy cows to our farm and provide families the opportunity to purchase dairy cow shares that will provide them with 1 gallon of raw milk per week per share beginning in 2019.  We will be adding dairy goats shortly.

If you are interested in purchasing a dairy cow share, please contact us as soon as possible.

God bless you all,

Bill Michael, Owner
Michael Family Farm

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