Wood Cookstove

This weekend, we found a great deal on a wood cookstove that was still used regularly and in great shape.

We loaded the kids in the truck on Friday, and took a ride up into the mountains here to West Jefferson, NC–what a beautiful place!

I installed the oven on Saturday and on Sunday, we enjoyed our first meal on it: Hickory-smoked ham from the farm, fried potatoes and hot biscuits.

My wife was amazed by how quickly and nicely everything cooked and how limited our electric ovens have been. Even better, the oven heated the whole kitchen and dining room, which the little ones loved. I loved the smell of the wood fire, which reminded me of visits to our family’s mountain cabin in Pennsylvania when I was a kid.

We’ve always wanted to get a wood oven in our old farmhouse and, thanks be to God, we were given an opportunity to do so.

Bill Michael
Michael Family Farm

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