Dexter Cattle for Sale

We are interested in selling our herd of Dexter cattle. 

These are wonderful, dual-purpose (milk and meat) cattle that we’ve had absolutely no problems with.  Our herd consists of 15 healthy animals with a handsome bull (Davy) and our family’s hand-milked cow (Red).  It has been our long-term plan to start a dairy with Jerseys here on the farm, and the Lord has given us an opportunity to do so.  This requires that we sell our Dexter herd.

This is a turn-key milk and meat opportunity for a small farm.  They have been grass-fed (except for Red) and are very gentle–our children feed and handle them regularly.  All of the positives you will read about Dexters are true of this herd.

We’d like to sell the whole herd for $13,000 and we’d be able to help with delivery if needed.  We’re happy to provide pictures and details as desired–simply contact us.

God bless you all,
Bill & Dania Michael
Michael Family Farm



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