Dairy On Schedule

Dear friends,

All of the work we’ve been doing to open our dairy is on schedule.

Our new herd of Jersey cows are scheduled to arrive on Saturday, January 5th. The trip from South Carolina to our farm will be rough on them, so we’ll need a few days to get them settled and comfortable before we can ask normal quantities of milk from them.

We are planning to have milk available the week beginning Monday, January 7th. We will make an announcement when milk is ready for pickup.

Once milk is available, we will be preparing a milk house on the farm for the production of fresh dairy products including cheese, butter, yogurt, kefir and ice cream.

Remember: Buying fresh dairy products from the farm is only allowed for dairy share owners. If you wish to purchase one or more dairy shares, you can do so here.

God bless you all!

Bill Michael

Michael Family Farm

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