Raw Milk Drop-off Locations

Raw milk is now legally available to Michael Family Farm dairy share owners in North Carolina!  We are happy to deliver to shareowners and offer free local delivery within 30 miles from the farm.  To receive milk at a greater distance than this, we ask that individuals and/or groups organize drop-off locations where we can make weekly deliveries to share owners.

To establish a drop-off location, a minimum of 10 shares must be owned by the group members.  Once this number is reached, we will arrange a location and time for weekly delivery.  This can be a church, home, parking lot–whatever works for group members.

To find or organize a drop-off location, we recommend you use our Dairy Drop-off Location forum here.

If you have any questions or need help organizing a group, please contact Dania Michael.

Dania Michael
Phone/Text: 980-425-4053
Email: michaelfamilyfarm@gmail.com

We’re happy to help you out and will work with groups to get started.

God bless you all,

Bill Michael, Owner
Michael Family Farm

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