Grass-fed Beef

Michael Family Farm is now happy to offer grass-fed beef to order with free local delivery.

While individual cuts will be available at the farm, we recommend that you order your family’s meat in bulk to save.  Order 1/4 cow and receive your family’s beef at only $6 per lb.  Order more than 1/4 cow and fill your family freezer with beef at only $5 per lb.!  Get a few friends together and save.

A typical cow/steer will weigh 700 lbs. and will give 350-400 lbs. of beef.

  • 1/4 cow = 85-100 lbs. = $510-$600
  • 1/2 cow = 175-200 lbs. = $875-$1000
  • Whole cow = 350-400 lbs. = $1750-$2000

Our beef is processed by a grade A butcher and freeze-wrapped in clear vacuum-sealed packages.

You purchase can be made in three payments as follows:

  1. 30% due at the time of order
  2. 30% due at the time of butchering (2 weeks)
  3. 40% due at the time of pickup/delivery (1 week).

Please note that your order should be placed 1 month before you desire/need the meat as butchering large animals takes time.  If ordering only 1/4 cow, you may need to wait until additional orders are received to process a whole cow.

If you have any questions about our beef, please ask.  We look forward to serving you beef that’s just as healthy and delicious as our other products.

God bless your families,

Bill Michael, Owner

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