Family Food Planning

Here on the farm, we have the capacity to produce a great amount of food. We do not produce all that we can because we would have to try and sell it all and much would be wasted. Producing food for sale is not prudent business.

What we would like to do is work with your family to produce what you need and provide you with fresh farm foods throughout the year. This includes dairy products, meats, vegetables, fruits and more.

We don’t expect families to know how to plan or manage this because it’s very different from supermarket shopping. The produce changes with the seasons, and you need to learn to think differently about your family’s food. We would like to help you learn how to do this, and enjoy all the benefits.

If you’re interested in contracting with us to provide your family’s food, please contact us. Now is a great time to begin, with the Spring approaching.

God bless your family,

Bill Michael

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