Dairy Update

Dear friends,

I am happy to announce that after only 6 weeks of operation, our dairy is self-sustaining!

Dairy shares have sold quickly enough to cover all of the cows’ monthly feed costs, with only two months of supplies being paid our of our pockets.  The financial pressure we expected the dairy to operate under for some time has been quickly relieved, thank God.

What’s Been Done

  • We have sold enough shares to cover all feed costs for our starting herd. Now the dairy can begin to grow sustainably.
  • We have purchased a quality Jersey bull from a great milking family to allow us to breed our cows naturally rather than with artificial insemination which requires that the cows be given drugs to bring them into “heat” simultaneously, which we do not wish to do.
  • We have established delivery routes throughout the week serving the Charlotte area, from Monroe to Kannapolis.
  • We have been approved to advertise dairy shares and deliver milk to share owners at the Waxhaw Farmers Market.
  • We have made additions to the farm to serve the demand for eggs, meat and other products that has come alongside the delivery of our milk.
  • We have trained our children to manage daily milking, allowing us to concentrate on animal care, sanitation and delivery, which is the  real work of the dairy.  We will be training our teens to manage deliveries to allow us to add delivery routes as shares continue to sell.
  • We have begun preparations to add Nubian dairy goats to the farm to offer dairy goat shares in addition to our cow shares.  We have found quality bucks and nannies to begin a new dairy herd.

Getting started with the dairy has been a lot of hard work, but we’ve been very encouraged by the people who have purchased shares, many of whom have begun to visit the farm and become friends.

Now that this first milestone has been reached, we’re looking forward to growing our herd and improving the quality of our dairy work.

Thank you,

Bill Michael, Owner
Michael Family Farm


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