Why Our Eggs are Better

We have received many compliments that our eggs are better than any eggs found anywhere.  We wouldn’t know because they’re all we ever eat. There are, however, several reasons for this:

  1. Our hens are free to range during the day. I don’t believe this is as important for their diet as it is for their physical healthy.  Just being outside in the fresh air on clean ground keeps them healthy.  This was normal in the old days.
  2. Our hens are fed “pig feed” rather than “chicken feed” because the pig feed contains the same grains, but is a higher quality feed than chicken feed. This was normal in the old days.
  3. Our hens are given all the milk they will consume every day. This was normal in the old days.
  4. Our hens are cared for throughout the day. Their eggs are collected several times a day, feed is freshened, water is refilled, etc.. This was normal in the old days.
  5. Our compost piles are kept behind our chicken coop so that our hens can dig through them and pull out all seeds, vegetable scraps, insects, etc., and poop in the compost piles as they do so. This was normal in the old days.

Most farms cannot afford to feed what we feed our hens because they don’t have the dairy or gardens as we do.   I explained in my article Why are Farm Market Prices So High? what’s causing farmers to charge ridiculous prices for farm foods.  We give our hens better care and charge less than other farms for our eggs.  That’s how local farm food is supposed to work.

Modern feed companies create “sole ration feeds”, meaning that farmers are supposed to give their hens commercial feed and water–and that’s it.  I have always found that these feeds, while they do produce big chickens and lots of eggs, are not healthy, as can be seen by the chicken’s manure, which is runny, discolored and smelly–a real mess.  Our chicken manure looks like any other bird poop because their diet is that of healthy birds. Our coop and hens are always dry and clean and there is no bad smell.

Jesus said, “Those who are healthy need no physician.” and our birds never need any medications or other treatments–and we don’t give them any.

If you would like to purchase eggs from our farm, we recommend you do so by monthly subscription.  To purchase eggs as needed, you can order fresh eggs for pickup on the farm.

God bless,

Bill Michael, Owner
Michael Family Farm

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