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This Dexter bull was recently purchased for beef by Portofino’s Italian Restaurant in Charlotte.

Most meat sellers today are trying to make great profits on expensive cuts of meat, and that makes quality beef for everyday meals unaffordable for most families.  On the farm, we do not sit around eating large quantities or fine cuts of meat, but use basic cuts of meat to enrich our daily diet.  For example, we add ground beef to sauces, chopped beef to stews, or cook a roast in a crock pot.  When guests visit the farm, we may grill some hamburgers.  If we want a fine steak, we go to out to a restaurant (especially one that buys their meat from us).  When we bring cattle to the butcher, we have all of their meat ground and chopped for everyday use.  That’s the way beef is handled on the farm, allowing for convenient storage and use throughout the year.

We’re happy to share our ground beef and stew beef with families at low prices.  

Our beef cattle are grass-fed right here in small herds on green pastures in Monroe, North CarolinaWe enjoy the help of several neighbors who allow us to make sure quality beef is available whenever our customers need it.  They are given no chemical treatments of any kind and are not raised using the methods you may learn are used in the commercial meat industry.  Our beef cows are cared for by good Christian farmers, live outdoors in the fresh air from the first to the last day of their lives, and are processed humanely at a nearby Grade A butcher according to our instructions.

You may notice that our beef is a darker red color than other meats.  This is because we raise Dexter cattle and their meat is simply a darker color than other breeds of cattle.

Small Quantities

If you’re looking for a few pounds of ground beef or stew beef, you can order any time, but availability will be limited.  We normally have small quantities available for pickup or delivery on short notices.  Orders can be placed online any time.  We recommend you backorder meat when it’s not available so you can be at the top of the list when we’ve re-stocked.

Large Quantities

If you would like to ensure that you have all the meat you need at our low prices, we recommend that you consider purchasing a half or whole cow.

  • Half Cow:  150 lbs. of beef at $5 per lb. ($750 total)
  • Whole Cow:  300 lbs. of beef at $4.50 per lb. ($1350 total)

Note that Purchasing in larger quantities allows you to select finer cuts if you wish, which makes your savings even greater.  Whether you order 1 lb. of ground beef or tenderloin, your price is the same.

We will provide you with a simple order form to guide you through the options available to you.  Please note that large quantity orders take 1 month to fulfill and deliver and that payment is due in full at the time of your order.

Beef Shares

If you would like to receive beef throughout the year and have your supply guaranteed, you can purchase a Beef Share.  One Beef Share provides 2 lbs. of beef per week (ground or stew) for $40 per month.  This is the same price we offer for small quantity orders, but guarantees availability throughout the year.

If you have any questions about ordering beef from Michael Family Farm, please contact us any time.

God bless your families,

William Michael
Michael Family Farm

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