Prohibiting Dairy Shares in NC?

Dear friends,

We’ve been asked a few times about news that the state is seeking to make dairy shares illegal again.

This refers to House Bill H385, and Senate Bill S509, which can be followed here:

That a bill is proposed by members of the House of Representatives or Senate in NC is no big deal. That’s their job. The House bill is sponsored by 7 representatives (out of 120), and the Senate bill by 2 (out of 50) who have sponsored this bill to make dairy shares illegal (again).

If you look back at how herd shares became legal in 2018 (bill S711) you’ll see that there was wide support in the House and Senate for the legalization of dairy shares, which I do not expect to have changed.  The Senate and House voted specifically on the herd share point (Amendment 5) and approved it.

Until we see what a vote looks like on this bill, there’s nothing to talk about. 2018 voting suggests there’s strong support for dairy shares in NC.

More importantly, a bill has been introduced by 18 representatives of the House to go even further and make the retail sale of raw milk LEGAL in NC.  This is House bill H103, which can be followed here:

So, don’t get upset to hear that a small number of representatives is working to change the law.  We already know politicians, for whatever weird reasons, are against raw milk sales.  The only thing that matters is whether a majority of representatives or senators will vote to change a law that was just approved last year.

None of this has to do with consumers, anyway.  If raw milk sales are made illegal again, we will be required to label our milk as “Not for Human Consumption”.  What consumers do with that milk–the same milk–is their own business.  This is a matter of how farms distribute milk, not whether or not consumers are allowed to use it.

God bless,
Bill Michael

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