Thinking Differently About Time

On the farm, the plants and animals live by the light of the day.  We, however, live by artificial times on clocks and watches.  This creates, in my opinion, a number of problems.  I’d like to recommend a different way of thinking about time.

The two principal times of the day are sunrise and sunset.  All other events in our schedule should be measured from these.

  1. Sunrise
  2. Midmorning – halfway between sunrise and midday
  3. Midday – halfway between sunrise and sunset
  4. Midafternoon – halfway between midday and sunset
  5. Sunset
  6. Midnight – half way between sunset and sunrise

This divides our day into the following seven working periods:

  1. Before Sunrise – time for waking, morning prayer, etc.
  2. Sunrise to Midmorning – time for morning milking, farm chores
  3. Midmorning to Midday – time for morning farm/office work
  4. Midday to Midafternoon – time for afternoon farm/office work
  5. Midafternoon to Sunset– time for evening milking, farm chores
  6. Sunset to Bedtime – time for evening prayer, evening office work
  7. Bedtime to Before Sunrise – X hours before sunrise

Now, if we need to follow clock time, we can simply find the time for sunrise and sunset and adjust all of the times of these work periods as the seasons change.  The changing seasons will cause these periods to increase and shorten naturally which should serve the needs of our farms, gardens, etc.. In the summer, chore times will be longer; in the winter, they will be shorter.  In the summer, evening work hours will be few, in the winter they will be many.

By allowing our days to be ordered by nature, we will enjoy many benefits in all areas of our lives.  We will no longer live under the stress of an artificial clock time system, which causes many problems.  I will post more details on this as I practice it in my own life.

God bless,
Bill Michael

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