Keeping Milk Fresh

With summer here, keeping raw milk fresh is always a challenge.  We have made some improvements here on the farm to keep our milk fresher, longer.

First, we are getting milk from the cow to the refrigerator quicker than before.

Second, we have put a new refrigerator in the room where dairy share owners pick up their milk.

Third, we are no longer using plastic lids on our milk bottles.  Metal “canning” lids seal much better and help keep milk fresher.  Plastic lids are fine for the winter months, but not summer.

We trust that this will help keep our milk fresh longer during the summer.

Share owners must make an effort, however, to keep milk cold when moving from the farm to home.  Milk should be transported in a cooler with ice rather than a bag alone.

Now, raw milk will not go rancid like pasteurized milk does, but will simply sour.  Soured milk is not desirable for drinking, but is still perfectly good for yogurt and cheese-making.  So, if you’re drinking your milk, keep it cold.  Once it begins to sour, make good use of it.

God bless,
Bill Michael


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