MFF Reorganized

Dear friends,

This past year, we faced a number of unexpected obstacles in God’s providence that forced us to reorganize our family farm.  Demand for our fresh raw milk exceeded our expectations, but that demand also increased demand for our other farm products–eggs, meat and garden produce–and the labor needed to produce them.  When we looked around we realized that dairies are going out of business, there is really no other place for families to get the products we offer and we needed to take a break, reorganize and serve this demand in a responsible way.  The good news is that:

God willing, we intend to begin offering raw milk, meat and eggs from the farm again, beginning in October 2019.

Please take a moment to read through the details below.

Raw Milk

In the south, handling raw milk presents many challenges, especially when families are picking milk up from the farm and transporting it as much as 90 minutes as, as families were back in June.  For safety’s sake, we needed to pause dairy pickups until a solution was established to ensure the safety of all of our dairy share owners.

Beginning in October 2019, Michael Family Farm will again supply fresh, raw milk three seasons per year.  We will begin offering raw milk on the first day of fall each year and continue until the last day of Spring.  No raw milk will be available during the summer months.

New dairy shares will cost $70, but please note that this is a one-time fee.  Other farms may advertise a lower share price, but they seem to charge that fee annually.  Our herd share fee only needs to be paid once.

We need to adjust our monthly service fee from $20 to $24 per month, which raises the average cost of milk from $5 to $6.  We also need to charge a $3 delivery fee to restore home delivery service.  Therefore, monthly fees will be:

  • $24/month for pickup from the farm ($6.00 per gallon)
  • $36/month for home delivery ($9.00 per gallon)

To begin receiving milk again, simply start a new service fee subscription here.

Grass-fed Dexter Beef

We have kept our herd of Dexter cattle and intend to continue serving grass-fed beef throughout the year.  All beef purchases, however, must be pre-ordered.  We will offer quarter, half and whole cow purchases.  In fact, now is the perfect time to purchase meat, as the cattle have enjoyed the summer’s grazing are full and healthy and the meat can be easily stored through winter.  If you are interested in purchasing beef, please contact us for price and cut details.

Free-Range Eggs

Our fresh eggs will be available by subscription and, preferably, reserved for herd share owners.  Eggs will be available at $5 per dozen.

Garden Produce

After deliberating whether we should offer fresh garden produce, we have decided to do so, though this will likely need to wait until the Spring.  We are preparing the gardens for such this fall.

No More Pork

We have decided to sell our herd of hogs and end pork production/sales.  This has allowed us to focus all of our attention on our beef and dairy cattle, which should be our priority.

Patience Appreciated

Producing fresh farm products in the current economy is very challenging.  We sincerely appreciate the patience and understanding our customers and share owners have shown us, and we apologize for inconveniences that have been experienced.  We believe, however, that the troubles have led to improvements that will make everything we do better and more enjoyable in the long term.

We look forward to reconnecting in coming weeks and getting things rolling.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly, at the email address below.

God bless your families,

William C. Michael, Owner
Phone/Text: 980-699-5575

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