Creamy Jersey Milk

Jersey cow’s milk has too much cream for drinking alone. Learn to make the most of it and multiply the value of your raw milk.

If you watch videos of commercial dairy farms, you will see many terrible things.  God’s creatures are treated like machines with no purpose other than to generate cash profits for their owners.  You will see large, black and white spotted cows in these videos because those cows–Holsteins–produce the greatest quantity of milk–which is all the commercial dairies care about.  They are only concerned with how many gallons of liquid milk they can get out of their cows–and they’ll do almost anything to maximize that number.

The quality of the milk of Holstein cows, however, is inferior to that of other breeds of cows.  It has less fat than other breeds and is not as good for the production of other dairy products.  Holstein cows are good for producing low-fat milk in great quantities for dairies that aim to fill supermarkets with bottled milk–for drinking.

The milk we produce is not just for drinking–and our milk should not be thought of as such. Surely, it is delicious to drink, but drinking Jersey milk is like grinding filet mignon to make hamburgers.  The milk of Jersey cows is the creamiest and richest milk of all cow breeds and offers us much more than milk for drinking.

If you are a dairy share owner, you need to learn about the dairy products that can be made from Jersey cow milk.  You can make the most delicious butter, ice cream, cheeses, and more from its cream.  One of the chief advantages of buying raw milk is that it is not “homogenized” and you can skim the cream from it–and should always do so!   There will still remain plenty of cream in the milk for drinking, so you can enjoy both.

Some don’t understand that “whole milk” in the supermarket has a fat content of about 3%.  Buying 2% or 1% milk is really no big deal–you’re not avoiding 98-99% of the milk fat as many think!  2% milk has about 2/3 of the fat of whole milk, and 1% milk has about 1/3 of the fat of whole milk.

Raw Jersey milk, on the other hand, is closer to 5% fat, so even if you skimmed off the cream, you would still have milk with fat content comparable to whole or reduced fat milk in the grocery store.  Yes, drinking the Jersey milk is delicious, but that’s because you’re drinking a glass of light ice cream!

God bless,

Bill Michael, Owner
Michael Family Farm

P.S. What is true of Jersey cow’s milk is also true of Nubian goat’s milk.  So if you’re looking for a rich goat’s milk, seek out a farm that keeps Nubian goats.


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