Don’t Drink the Cream

Look at the cream level in those jars!

When thinking about drinking fresh milk, most people imagine shaking up the jar and drinking away, but with fresh Jersey milk, this is wasteful. There is simply too much cream in Jersey milk to do this.  Our milk normally has around 3 cups of cream in every half-gallon jar, meaning that if you drink a half-gallon you’d be drinking almost two sticks of butter!  It’s too rich for drinking.

Let your milk sit for some time in the refrigerator and let the cream separate.  Pour the cream off into a quart jar and use it as cream for your coffee or to make some fresh butter.  Even if you pour off the cream from your milk, plenty will remain for drinking and the milk will be even more delicious and refreshing.

On the farm, we drink our milk cold, without the cream, and it is delicious.  Give it a try if you haven’t.

Bill Michael
Michael Family Farm

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