Making Butter

Our fresh Jersey cows’ milk is perfect for butter-making, and all you need is a couple of one quart mason jars and some muscle to enjoy home-made butter whenever you need it.

  1. When you bring home a jar of our fresh milk, there will be several cups of cream at the top of the jar.  To make butter, carefully pour off that cream to fill several quart jars half-way.  The remaining milk isn’t quite “skim” milk, but it is low-fat and delicious for drinking.
  2. Seal the quart jars tightly and hand them to kids to shake as hard as they can.  In 15 minutes or so, the butter will separate from the buttermilk and you’ll have fresh butter in your jar!
  3. Scoop out that butter with a spoon and put it on a clean plate. Save that buttermilk to make some pancakes.
  4. Knead the butter with a fork to press out any buttermilk that remains and–you’re done.
  5. Add salt to flavor the butter if you wish, and enjoy.

You may find articles that make butter-making seem complicated, but they are confusing butter-making for market with butter-making for home use.  You don’t need any equipment or chemicals–just a quart jar and some fresh cream.

God bless,
Bill Michael, Owner
Michael Family Farm


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