About Us

My wife, Dania, and I moved to Monroe, NC in 2005, after my parents retired here and bought some land. We were both raised in New Jersey and studied Classics at Rutgers University. I taught Latin, History and Rhetoric at Charlotte Christian after we moved down here, before starting my own educational publishing business, the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, which has allowed me to work from home with my wife since 2008.  We live a quiet, private life tucked away in the woods on peaceful farm where we keep a beautiful herd of Jersey dairy cows, Dexter and Angus beef cattle, Yorkshire pigs and more.

We are a Catholic family and, having two teachers in the house, you can assume that we have home-schooled all of our children. In fact, for a few years, we operated a small private school and hosted boys from around the country for studies. We have ten children–7 boys and 3 girls.  Our oldest son, Jonathan, is 19 is a Military Police officer in the US Army Reserves studying Criminal Justice, our eldest daughter, Elizabeth, is 18 and is an EMT here in Monroe and is leaving in November 2019 to serve in the Army Reserves as a Combat Medic with plans for medical school.  Our other children are all school-aged, studying and working at home.  

We are not advocates of so-called “self-sufficiency” because human beings were created by God to live in society and to enjoy the benefits of the gifts and works of their neighbors that all may live the best quality of life possible.  We farm because God has provided us with the ability to do so profitably and because we enjoy the physical exercise of the farm to balance our sedentary academic work.

We’ve slowly been opening up to the public as our farm development has progressed and we’ve transitioned slowly from full-time educational work to more and more farm work. We believe that we have a lot to offer other families and look forward to meeting visitors here at the farm and at the local farmers markets which we plan to attend.

God bless you all,

Bill & Dania Michael
Michael Family Farm

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