About Us

The white shop building here on the farm is easy to find. The brown brick building is our office and our white house is at the back, left.

Most people know our farm because they see kids all over the place when they visit or drive past. The Lord has blessed us with ten strong and healthy children–7 boys and 3 girls–and we do all of the work here at Michael Family Farm.

My wife, Dania, and I moved to Monroe, NC in 2005, after my parents retired here and bought some land. We were both raised in New Jersey and studied Classics at Rutgers University. I taught Latin and History at Charlotte Christian after we moved down here, before starting my own educational publishing business, the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, which has allowed me to work from home with my wife since 2008.

In 2011, we bought 45 acres on Stack Road in Monroe, where the Funderburk Grading Company had operated for many years. We live in the old farm house next door, beside the big pond everyone uses as a landmark. The big, white shop building, which now houses our milking room and farm supplies, is another easy landmark to find if you’re looking for us.

We are a Christian family and, having two teachers in the house, you can assume that we have home-schooled all of our children. In fact, for a few years, we operated a private school here on the farm and hosted boys from around the country for studies. We have ten children–7 boys and 3 girls.  Our oldest son, Jonathan, is 18 and just left for training with the Military Police in the US Army, and our youngest daughter, Anna, is 4.

Our interest is studying historic farming methods that had been sustained for centuries and drawing from that wisdom and experience to build our own sustainable farm.  As a classicist, I enjoy reading ancient natural history and medicine, and the agricultural works of Vergil, Cato, Varro, Columella and Paladius.  Believe it or not, a lot of what we do is taken from the Bible.  We also enjoy borrowing from the Christian traditions of the Moravians, Benedictines and Franciscans, as well as the Amish and third world farmers who do many things on a small scale and have preserved much of the wisdom of their agricultural ancestors. At the same time, we respect the benefits of modern technology and try to find a happy balance between the two.

We’ve slowly been opening up to the public as our farm development has progressed and we’ve transitioned slowly from full-time educational work to more and more farm work. We believe that we have a lot to offer other families and look forward to meeting visitors here at the farm and at the local farmers markets which we plan to attend.

God bless you all,

Bill Michael, Owner
Michael Family Farm