Dairy Shares Brochure

If you’d like something in print to read or share with friends, please see our Dairy Shares brochure below.  

Farming in Ancient Times

While I run the farm day by day, I’m also a classicist and historian who teaches students privately around the world (and my own). One of the perks of my work is that I get to dig around for ancient sources on farming, gardening, etc..  If you’re interested, I’d like to share a few titles … Read more

Family Food Planning

Here on the farm, we have the capacity to produce a great amount of food. We do not produce all that we can because we would have to try and sell it all and much would be wasted. Producing food for sale is not prudent business. What we would like to do is work with … Read more


One of our mama pigs gave birth to a bunch of babies early this morning. Here are some videos to show the little ones. Thanks be to God. Bill Michael

Dairy Shares are Legal in NC

Effective October 1, 2018, raw milk through dairy shares became legal in North Carolina. The state department of Agriculture provided this document to confirm this for our customers. Please note that the highlighting is mine. Raw Milk in NC If you have any questions, please ask. God bless, Bill Michael, Owner

Doing the Best You Can

Whether you’re on a farm like us, in a suburban development or in the middle of a city, you can live according to the principle of self-sufficiency. I prefer to avoid the modern language or “organic” or “natural” because I think it’s silly. To have a massive, industrialized farm producing an “organic” crop and then … Read more

Grass-fed Beef

Michael Family Farm is now happy to offer grass-fed beef to order with free local delivery. While individual cuts will be available at the farm, we recommend that you order your family’s meat in bulk to save.  Order 1/4 cow and receive your family’s beef at only $6 per lb.  Order more than 1/4 cow … Read more

Raw Milk Drop-off Locations

Raw milk is now legally available to Michael Family Farm dairy share owners in North Carolina!  We are happy to deliver to shareowners and offer free local delivery within 30 miles from the farm.  To receive milk at a greater distance than this, we ask that individuals and/or groups organize drop-off locations where we can … Read more

Raw Milk Now Available for Pickup

We’re happy to announce that raw milk is now available for pickup–in North Carolina–by dairy share owners with active dairy subscriptions here at Michael Family Farm. Simply call, text or email us when pickup is convenient for you. We’ll always be here.  Local delivery is available. If you would like to learn more about or … Read more

Dairy On Schedule

Dear friends, All of the work we’ve been doing to open our dairy is on schedule. Our new herd of Jersey cows are scheduled to arrive on Saturday, January 5th. The trip from South Carolina to our farm will be rough on them, so we’ll need a few days to get them settled and comfortable … Read more