Creamy Jersey Milk

If you watch videos of commercial dairy farms, you will see many terrible things.  God’s creatures are treated like machines with no purpose other than to generate cash profits for their owners.  You will see large, black and white spotted cows in these videos because those cows–Holsteins–produce the greatest quantity of milk–which is all the … Read more

Understanding Dairy Shares

It is illegal to obtain raw milk in North Carolina for human consumption if you do not own the cow the milk comes from. Read that again: IT IS ILLEGAL TO OBTAIN RAW MILK IN NORTH CAROLINA FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION IF YOU DO NOT OWN THE COW THE MILK COMES FROM. It doesn’t matter whether … Read more

Keeping Milk Fresh

With summer here, keeping raw milk fresh is always a challenge.  We have made some improvements here on the farm to keep our milk fresher, longer. First, we are getting milk from the cow to the refrigerator quicker than before. Second, we have put a new refrigerator in the room where dairy share owners pick … Read more

Grass-fed Dairy

In 2019, our goal is to work to become a grass-fed dairy.  The text below comes from an old USDA farmer bulletin and summarizes our plan: “It is impossible to secure a full flow of milk from a cow which does not have fresh and succulent food from fresh pastures, soiling crops, root crops or … Read more

Keep Raw Milk Legal in NC

  Dear Sen. Johnson and Rep. Brody, In 2018, we rejoiced to learn that herd shares were made legal in North Carolina. This is a great blessing to farms and families and necessary for the sustainability of small farms. The availability of fresh, unpasteurized milk at local farms brings many benefits to families and is … Read more

Prohibiting Dairy Shares in NC?

Dear friends, We’ve been asked a few times about news that the state is seeking to make dairy shares illegal again. This refers to House Bill H385, and Senate Bill S509, which can be followed here: That a bill is proposed by members of the House of Representatives or Senate in NC is … Read more

Calf Care

When a calf is born on Michael Family Farm, it is separated from its mother. Yes, this may sound “mean”, but animals are not human beings and their health is not promoted when left to themselves.First, when a cow gives birth, her milk bag swells and becomes sore to touch. Sometimes, when a newborn calf … Read more

Baby Calf (Video)

Our first calf was born on March 2nd, a beautiful baby boy.  He’s already doing great, drinking from his bottle and enjoying the attention from all the kids.  We’re planning to keep this guy for a second breeding bull on the farm.  Mama is already settled into the milking routine and is doing great.  Thanks … Read more

Dairy Update

Dear friends, I am happy to announce that after only 6 weeks of operation, our dairy is self-sustaining! Dairy shares have sold quickly enough to cover all of the cows’ monthly feed costs, with only two months of supplies being paid our of our pockets.  The financial pressure we expected the dairy to operate under … Read more