Caring for Fresh Milk

Any perishable food can cause sickness if not properly cared for. Fresh milk, like all foods, contains bacteria that can become harmful. 1. Drink it fresh. If you’re buying fresh milk to drink, then you need to drink it while it’s still fresh.  Storage is the cause of most milk problems, so don’t get in … Read more

50 Dairy Rules

Source:  USDA, “Care of Milk on the Farm” (1897) THE OWNER AND HIS HELPERS 1. Read current dairy literature and keep posted on new ideas. 2. Observe and enforce the utmost cleanliness about the cattle, their attendants, the stable, the dairy, and all utensils. 3. A person suffering from any disease, or who has been exposed … Read more

Grass-fed Dairy?

Since the early 1900s, the business plan for commercial dairy farms is to get as much milk into the tank as possible because they were paid by the gallon.  Everything about modern dairies is driven by this single goal:  to force maximum production.  Everything written about dairy farming in the past century has assumed this … Read more

About Pasteurization

There’s a lot of fuss about “raw milk” and “pasteurization” today, much of which is silly.  On our farm, we don’t “pasteurize” milk.  That’s not because we believe that pasteurization is “bad”, but because it isn’t necessary.  What makes “pasteurization” necessary is the consumption of milk a long time after it is collected from the … Read more

Simple Milking Routine

The benefits of having fresh milk in the kitchen are many, but the challenges of milking a cow twice daily are real.  I run a full-time publishing business and manage a 60 acre farm, and handle milking in the following way: 1.  Keep the Calf with the Mother Dairy farms separate calves from their mothers … Read more

Keeping a Milk Cow

Here’s a good, old farmer bulletin from the U.S.D.A.  Click on on the cover image to open up the file. WM

Rules of Butter Making

Keep good cows that will produce from 200 to 300 pounds or more of butter fat annually. Feed the cows liberally; follow methods commonly employed among feeders in the cow-testing associations. Keep the cows comfortable and clean when in the stable. Comfort is conducive to best production. Skim a rich heavy cream of not less than … Read more