Cold Weather Gardens

In North Carolina, fresh garden produce can be enjoyed year-round.  Spinach, kale, broccoli, collards, cabbage and other vegetables can grow through winter with a little extra care.  Early Spring gardens can begin being planted as early as January. Commercial growers need big, expensive greenhouses for their cold-weather plants, but that’s not necessary for home gardeners.  … Read more


One of the chief benefits of having a herd of dairy cows is that we have an abundance of manure for the gardens.  My boys are constantly collecting tractor bucket loads of manure and moving it to the compost piles out back.  We maintain these piles throughout the year for the improvement of our garden … Read more

Plowing vs. Mulching

It’s common for garden manuals to advise mulching, but for large gardens, spreading mulch is not realistic.  On farms, old fashioned vegetable gardens are planned by 100-200 ft. rows and are cultivated by tractors.  The garden plan above is taken from a garden manual from the early 1900s, when Americans were living off their farms. … Read more

The Temperaments of Herbs

I. All medicines simply considered in themselves are either hot, cold, moist, dry…or temperate. The qualities of medicines are considered in respect of man, not of themselves; for those simples are called hot, which heat our bodies; those cold, which cool them; and those temperate, which work no change at all in them, in respect to … Read more

Weeds: How to Control Them

A farm can be made almost free of especially troublesome weeds by strictly observing the following principles: (1) Prevent weeds from going to seed on the farm; (2) prevent weed seeds from being brought to the farm; and (3) in the case of perennial weeds, prevent them from making top growth and thus finally starve … Read more

Lima Pole Beans

Varieties:  King of the Garden Suppliers:  Wyatt-Quarles Planting Dates: Planting Instructions: Notes:

What Vegetables Should You Grow?

Very good advice on choosing which vegetables to grow in your garden: Grow those vegetables in which freshness is an important consideration. Beans, peas, Lima beans, sweet corn, and asparagus, for example, lose much if they are not cooked almost immediately after they are gathered. Potatoes, on the other hand, do not deteriorate rapidly, and … Read more

Half Acre Garden

The following plan is sufficient for the southern United States: