Thinking Differently About Time

On the farm, the plants and animals live by the light of the day.  We, however, live by artificial times on clocks and watches.  This creates, in my opinion, a number of problems.  I’d like to recommend a different way of thinking about time. The two principal times of the day are sunrise and sunset.  … Read more

Doing the Best You Can

Whether you’re on a farm like us, in a suburban development or in the middle of a city, you can live according to the principle of self-sufficiency. I prefer to avoid the modern language or “organic” or “natural” because I think it’s silly. To have a massive, industrialized farm producing an “organic” crop and then … Read more

Farm Household Accounts

Traditionally, the farm housewife was responsible for keeping tabs on the money and products coming in and out of the house, as a part of the larger farm accounting system.  Managing these accounts on a farm is unlike mere check book balancing in a modern consumer household.  This guide provides detailed instructions on what records are … Read more