One of our mama pigs gave birth to a bunch of babies early this morning. Here are some videos to show the little ones. Thanks be to God. Bill Michael

Build Your Own Hay Feeders

If you’ve bought the metal hay rings at the local feed store, you’ll know that they are good for little more than the scrap pile. We’ve got a pile of broken pieces if you’d like them. If you’d like to build a simple hay rack for cattle, here is one recommended buy the USDA in … Read more

Dexter Cattle for Sale

We are interested in selling our herd of Dexter cattle.  These are wonderful, dual-purpose (milk and meat) cattle that we’ve had absolutely no problems with.  Our herd consists of 15 healthy animals with a handsome bull (Davy) and our family’s hand-milked cow (Red).  It has been our long-term plan to start a dairy with Jerseys … Read more

Free Range Takes Time

The idea that a family can buy a batch of chicks, stick them out in a field and collect their eggs everyday is NOT realistic. Hens need to be kept closed up on their coop until they are used to a routine of daily feed and watering and through their first laying cycle, when they … Read more

Feeding Beef Cattle (USDA)

Contents Two methods of feeding cattle The supply of feeder cattle Selecting feeders Time to buy feeders Dry-lot feeding Desirable feed combinations Feed required to fatten steers in dry lot Starting cattle on feed Suggested rations Fattening on grass Supplementary feeds for steers on grass Feeding supplements to suckling calves Minerals for fattening cattle Feed-lot … Read more

Caring for Baby Chicks (Simple)

While there are many sources of information on raising chicks, the best starting place is this old USDA guide intended for farm children raising chicks. Read:  usda_careofbabychicks_mff

Feeding Hens

While most who raise hens today for eggs buy feed from local supply shops, a self-suufficient farm needs to learn to feed hens sufficiently with farm-produced ingredients.  The USDA published a great handbook in 1919 explaining just how to do this. Read:  usda_feeding-hens-for-egg-production