Dexter Cattle for Sale

We are interested in selling our herd of Dexter cattle.  These are wonderful, dual-purpose (milk and meat) cattle that we’ve had absolutely no problems with.  Our herd consists of 15 healthy animals with a handsome bull (Davy) and our family’s hand-milked cow (Red).  It has been our long-term plan to start a dairy with Jerseys … Read more

Feeding Beef Cattle (USDA)

Contents Two methods of feeding cattle The supply of feeder cattle Selecting feeders Time to buy feeders Dry-lot feeding Desirable feed combinations Feed required to fatten steers in dry lot Starting cattle on feed Suggested rations Fattening on grass Supplementary feeds for steers on grass Feeding supplements to suckling calves Minerals for fattening cattle Feed-lot … Read more

Cattle Terms

Calf:  Baby cattle of both genders, until weaning Heifer:  young, female cattle that has not calved Steer:  castrated male cattle Bull:  adult, male cattle capable of breeding (“intact”) Ox:  mature steer (2+ years), trained for draft work Cow:  adult, female cattle that has calved