We Don’t Want What’s “Natural”

Modern health food marketing is all about what’s “Natural”.  However, what is presented to us as natural isn’t, in fact, natural at all.  Beautiful fruits, lush greens, delicious dairy products, gardens full of vegetables, and so on, are not natural at all. If left to herself, Nature would produce thorns and thistles, fields full of … Read more

Farming in Ancient Times

While I run the farm day by day, I’m also a classicist and historian who teaches students privately around the world (and my own). One of the perks of my work is that I get to dig around for ancient sources on farming, gardening, etc..  If you’re interested, I’d like to share a few titles … Read more

Our Daily Bread

When Jesus taught us to pray, he included, “Give us this day our daily bread.” Few people, however, in modern society, think of bread as families did in the past.  We read in Sirach, “The principal things necessary for the life of men, are water, fire, and iron, salt, milk, and bread of flour, and … Read more

The Key Difference: Nature

by William Michael The majority of modern scientists, regardless of their professed religion, are “mechanists”.  What this means is that they believe that everything that concerns living things can be explained in mechanical terms, that the natural world, animals, weather, and human beings can and should all be thought of and managed like machines. This is not … Read more

Galen on Nature

[There] are people who think that Nature is not artistic, that she does not show forethought for the animal’s welfare, and that she has absolutely no native powers whereby she alters some substances, attracts others, and discharges others. Galen, On the Natural Faculties, I.12 In other words, it was believed by Galen that Nature was … Read more