Eggs Coming Soon

We sold a ton of fresh farm eggs last year–but we also sold hundreds of chickens.  We’re re-loading our henhouse soon and will have fresh, free-range eggs available again.

Cow/Goat Shares

Thanks to the recent legislation, cow and goat shares are available again in North Carolina.  We are planning to offer cow and goat shares for raw milk beginning in 2023.  Please subscribe to our mailing list for details and updates.

Dairy Cow Share

Purchase one or more cow shares and receive fresh milk and/or dairy products from the farm.

By purchasing a dairy herd share from Michael Family Farm (MFF), the Buyer agrees to the following terms:

What Share Owners Are Saying

"My kids love the milk.  They said it’s the best milk we’ve ever gotten in the US.  Thank you!!!!" "This milk is amazing! The owners and their family are super fantastic, kind and very knowledgeable." "Let me tell you, this milk is delicious! They were willing to answer any questions I had about feed, antibiotics, their pastures, etc without rushing me. They are just a wonderful Christian family. Plus, it’s cheaper then organic store bought, healthier, and tastier."  

From: $25.00 / month
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Replacement Jar

Replace a lost or broken milk bottle/lid. Note:  If you are trying to buy milk, this is not the way to do it.  Please see our Dairy Share page to learn how to obtain raw milk from our farm.

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