The meat we sell to local families is the same meat our family enjoys every day on the farm.    There’s nothing to worry about when buying meats from us because we’re licensed meat handlers in North Carolina and you can see all of our animals any time you visit the farm.

Pork – Smoked Boneless Ham

Uncured, smoked boneless ham.  Price per lb.

1 $6.00 $5.00
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Pork – 2lb Fatback, Raw

2 lb. raw pork fatback.

25 $6.00
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Pork – 5lb. Soup Bones

5lb. meaty pork bones for soup.

11 $15.00
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Pork – 2lb. Boneless Loin Roast

2 lb. boneless pork loin roast.

5 $8.00
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Pork- Spare Ribs, Sliced, 1lb

1lb. sliced pork spare ribs.  Delicious on the bbq!

5 $4.00
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Pork – 2 pack Bone-in Pork Loin Chops (1.5 to 2 lb)

Two 3/4" thick bone-in pork chops.  1.5 to 2 lbs.

44 $6.00
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Pork- 2lb Sliced Spare Ribs

2lb. pack sliced pork spare ribs.  Delicious on the bbq!

9 $8.00 $6.50
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Pork – 1 lb. Mild Country Sausage

1 lb. mild-flavored country sausage.

43 $4.00
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Pork – 1lb. Hot Country Sausage

1 lb. bulk hot-flavored country sausage.

44 $4.00
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Pork – 1lb. Maple Country Sausage

1 lb. maple-flavored bulk country sausage.

47 $4.00
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Pork – 1lb. Stew Meat

1 lb. farm-raised pork, cut for stew.

41 $4.00 $3.25
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Pork – 3lb. Bone-in Shoulder Roast

3 lb. bone-in pork shoulder roast.  Perfect crock-pot size!

30 $10.00
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Pork – Smoked Bacon, Sliced

1 lb. hickory-smoked sliced bacon.  Available 11/17/18.

70 $8.00 $5.00
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