Raw Milk Now Available for Pickup

We’re happy to announce that raw milk is now available for pickup–in North Carolina–by dairy share owners with active dairy subscriptions here at Michael Family Farm. Simply call, text or email us when pickup is convenient for you. We’ll always be here.  Local delivery is available. If you would like to learn more about or … Read more

Dairy On Schedule

Dear friends, All of the work we’ve been doing to open our dairy is on schedule. Our new herd of Jersey cows are scheduled to arrive on Saturday, January 5th. The trip from South Carolina to our farm will be rough on them, so we’ll need a few days to get them settled and comfortable … Read more

Comfort not Chemicals

“Keep the animals as quiet as possible, avoiding excessive movement or labor, taking care that there be no disturbing causes for excitement, such as fear, anxiety, or solicitude, for these waste food, and check the secretion of milk to a much larger extent than most people imagine. The principle is true, whether acknowledged or not, … Read more

Caring for Fresh Milk

Any perishable food can cause sickness if not properly cared for. Fresh milk, like all foods, contains bacteria that can become harmful. 1. Drink it fresh. If you’re buying fresh milk to drink, then you need to drink it while it’s still fresh.  Storage is the cause of most milk problems, so don’t get in … Read more

Merry Christmas!

The scholars and priests who represent Christianity in the media are rarely its best examples. The most famous examples of the faith in history were usually humble men and women close to nature–St. Benedict who created self-sufficient farming communities in the 6th century, St. Francis who sang of the elements of nature as our brothers … Read more

Build Your Own Hay Feeders

If you’ve bought the metal hay rings at the local feed store, you’ll know that they are good for little more than the scrap pile. We’ve got a pile of broken pieces if you’d like them. If you’d like to build a simple hay rack for cattle, here is one recommended buy the USDA in … Read more

Why are farm market prices so high?

When we look at what farmers are charging for fresh farm foods, the prices are amazing.  The average retail price of whole milk in November 2018 was $3.27.  Yet, when we look at the prices of “raw milk”, we see farmers charging over $8.00 per gallon!  Likewise, the average retail cost of “cage free” eggs … Read more

50 Dairy Rules

Source:  USDA, “Care of Milk on the Farm” (1897) THE OWNER AND HIS HELPERS 1. Read current dairy literature and keep posted on new ideas. 2. Observe and enforce the utmost cleanliness about the cattle, their attendants, the stable, the dairy, and all utensils. 3. A person suffering from any disease, or who has been exposed … Read more

Grass-fed Dairy?

Since the early 1900s, the business plan for commercial dairy farms is to get as much milk into the tank as possible because they were paid by the gallon.  Everything about modern dairies is driven by this single goal:  to force maximum production.  Everything written about dairy farming in the past century has assumed this … Read more