Cold Weather Gardens

In North Carolina, fresh garden produce can be enjoyed year-round.  Spinach, kale, broccoli, collards, cabbage and other vegetables can grow through winter with a little extra care.  Early Spring gardens can begin being planted as early as January. Commercial growers need big, expensive greenhouses for their cold-weather plants, but that’s not necessary for home gardeners.  … Read more


One of the chief benefits of having a herd of dairy cows is that we have an abundance of manure for the gardens.  My boys are constantly collecting tractor bucket loads of manure and moving it to the compost piles out back.  We maintain these piles throughout the year for the improvement of our garden … Read more

Creamy Jersey Milk

If you watch videos of commercial dairy farms, you will see many terrible things.  God’s creatures are treated like machines with no purpose other than to generate cash profits for their owners.  You will see large, black and white spotted cows in these videos because those cows–Holsteins–produce the greatest quantity of milk–which is all the … Read more

Understanding Dairy Shares

It is illegal to obtain raw milk in North Carolina for human consumption if you do not own the cow the milk comes from. Read that again: IT IS ILLEGAL TO OBTAIN RAW MILK IN NORTH CAROLINA FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION IF YOU DO NOT OWN THE COW THE MILK COMES FROM. It doesn’t matter whether … Read more

MFF Reorganized

Dear friends, This past year, we faced a number of unexpected obstacles in God’s providence that forced us to reorganize our family farm.  Demand for our fresh raw milk exceeded our expectations, but that demand also increased demand for our other farm products–eggs, meat and garden produce–and the labor needed to produce them.  When we … Read more

Keeping Milk Fresh

With summer here, keeping raw milk fresh is always a challenge.  We have made some improvements here on the farm to keep our milk fresher, longer. First, we are getting milk from the cow to the refrigerator quicker than before. Second, we have put a new refrigerator in the room where dairy share owners pick … Read more

Always Fresh, Clean and Cold

In most modern dairies, milk is pumped through pumplines into bulk tanks and stored before it is bottled or pumped into a tanker truck for processing. Our milk is collected in sealed milk cans and moved immediately to our dairy room, where it is filtered twice, bottled and moved to a freezer to chill. Once … Read more

Grass-fed Dairy

In 2019, our goal is to work to become a grass-fed dairy.  The text below comes from an old USDA farmer bulletin and summarizes our plan: “It is impossible to secure a full flow of milk from a cow which does not have fresh and succulent food from fresh pastures, soiling crops, root crops or … Read more

Keep Raw Milk Legal in NC

  Dear Sen. Johnson and Rep. Brody, In 2018, we rejoiced to learn that herd shares were made legal in North Carolina. This is a great blessing to farms and families and necessary for the sustainability of small farms. The availability of fresh, unpasteurized milk at local farms brings many benefits to families and is … Read more

Thinking Differently About Time

On the farm, the plants and animals live by the light of the day.  We, however, live by artificial times on clocks and watches.  This creates, in my opinion, a number of problems.  I’d like to recommend a different way of thinking about time. The two principal times of the day are sunrise and sunset.  … Read more