We Don’t Want What’s “Natural”

Modern health food marketing is all about what’s “Natural”.  However, what is presented to us as natural isn’t, in fact, natural at all.  Beautiful fruits, lush greens, delicious dairy products, gardens full of vegetables, and so on, are not natural at all. If left to herself, Nature would produce thorns and thistles, fields full of … Read more

Organic Plants

Don’t waste your money buying poor quality plants for your garden from Lowe’s or other stores when you can buy high quality plants from Michael Family Farm.  We are happy to help as distributors for our neighbors at Windcrest Farm Organics (where our daughter Elizabeth works) and make their beautiful, healthy plants available to customers … Read more

Chocolate Cornstarch Pudding

A delicious and easy to prepare chocolate pudding.  From “The Best of Amish Cooking” by Phyllis Pellman Good. Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 30 minutes Servings:  4 INGREDIENTS 3 Tbsp. cornstarch ½ cup sugar ½ tsp salt 3 Tbsp. cocoa 2 cups milk 1 tsp. vanilla INSTRUCTIONS Mix dry ingredients well.  In a saucepan … Read more

Buying a Pig

Whether you’re planning a barbecue or would like to raise a pig of your own, you can always buy live, healthy pigs from Michael Family Farm. Our prices are very simple.  We currently charge $50 per pig plus $15 per month of age. That gives us prices like this: 2 months old:  $50 + $30 … Read more

Affordable Beef

  Most meat sellers today are trying to make great profits on expensive cuts of meat, and that makes quality beef for everyday meals unaffordable for most families.  On the farm, we do not sit around eating large quantities or fine cuts of meat, but use basic cuts of meat to enrich our daily diet.  … Read more

Prices Too Low? No Way.

We’ve been told that our prices are too low.  After all, we charge around $5 for a gallon of raw milk, $3 or $4 for a dozen free-range eggs and, as we announced today, $5 for a pound of grass-fed beef.  Yes, that’s lower than many others charge, but it’s not too low–and boy does … Read more

Baby Calf (Video)

Our first calf was born on March 2nd, a beautiful baby boy.  He’s already doing great, drinking from his bottle and enjoying the attention from all the kids.  We’re planning to keep this guy for a second breeding bull on the farm.  Mama is already settled into the milking routine and is doing great.  Thanks … Read more

Why Our Eggs are Better

We have received many compliments that our eggs are better than any eggs found anywhere.  We wouldn’t know because they’re all we ever eat. There are, however, several reasons for this: Our hens are free to range during the day. I don’t believe this is as important for their diet as it is for their physical … Read more