Pecan Season

From now until Christmas, Pecans are available for purchase on the farm.  We have a dozen old pecan trees that produce loads of delicious pecans. We sell our pecans for just $3 per pound, in the shell. You can purchase them online and pick them up on the farm at your convenience, or drop by … Read more

No Work on Sunday

If any man is a Christian, he breaks with all Christian tradition when he abandons the command to “rest” from his work on the Christian Sabbath, also called “the Lord’s Day”.  The Westminster Confession, published in the 17th century, speaks eloquently on the subject (emphases mine): “The Sabbath is to be kept holy unto the … Read more

About Pasteurization

There’s a lot of fuss about “raw milk” and “pasteurization” today, much of which is silly.  On our farm, we don’t “pasteurize” milk.  That’s not because we believe that pasteurization is “bad”, but because it isn’t necessary.  What makes “pasteurization” necessary is the consumption of milk a long time after it is collected from the … Read more

Our Daily Bread

When Jesus taught us to pray, he included, “Give us this day our daily bread.” Few people, however, in modern society, think of bread as families did in the past.  We read in Sirach, “The principal things necessary for the life of men, are water, fire, and iron, salt, milk, and bread of flour, and … Read more

Clearing Land

  We own 25 acres of land that we are currently clearing, little by little.  Thankfully, our land was previously filled with pine trees.  The pine trees were cut and the stumps rotted away over 4-5 years.  Unfortunately, we were busy with other work and, as those stumps rotted, new pine trees sprouted and today … Read more

Home-made Lard

When we think about pigs, we think about hams and bacon, sausage and pork chops, but there’s much more!  One of the most valuable products that my kitchen gains from our pigs is home-made lard. The fat received from the butcher needs to be processed or “rendered” to make lard.   There are two different … Read more

MFF Boiled Rice Pudding

A basic and delicious old-fashioned rice pudding that requires only 5 ingredients, found in most kitchens. If you’re looking for simple recipes to help teach a young daughter beginning cooking skills, this will work well.

Plowing vs. Mulching

It’s common for garden manuals to advise mulching, but for large gardens, spreading mulch is not realistic.  On farms, old fashioned vegetable gardens are planned by 100-200 ft. rows and are cultivated by tractors.  The garden plan above is taken from a garden manual from the early 1900s, when Americans were living off their farms. … Read more

Simple Milking Routine

The benefits of having fresh milk in the kitchen are many, but the challenges of milking a cow twice daily are real.  I run a full-time publishing business and manage a 60 acre farm, and handle milking in the following way: 1.  Keep the Calf with the Mother Dairy farms separate calves from their mothers … Read more

MFF Chicken Pie

A simple and flavorful old-fashioned chicken pie that allows for endless variations.