Feeding Beef Cattle (USDA)

Contents Two methods of feeding cattle The supply of feeder cattle Selecting feeders Time to buy feeders Dry-lot feeding Desirable feed combinations Feed required to fatten steers in dry lot Starting cattle on feed Suggested rations Fattening on grass Supplementary feeds for steers on grass Feeding supplements to suckling calves Minerals for fattening cattle Feed-lot … Read more

New Tractor on the Farm

Today, we purchased a new Kubota L3901 for the farm.  Here are some specs: 39 HP diesel engine Agricultural tires (pictured) Quick-connect bucket with forks package (option added) Adjustable PTO stabilizer bars (option added) $0 down, 0% APR, 60 month financing There were/are many options for tractors, but I believe this one is best for us. … Read more

Caring for Baby Chicks (Simple)

While there are many sources of information on raising chicks, the best starting place is this old USDA guide intended for farm children raising chicks. Read:  usda_careofbabychicks_mff

Canning on the Farm

When many think of “canning” they think of making some jelly or putting away some green beans, but canning is much more important and extensive than that on a self-sufficient farm.  Vegetables, fruits and meats can all be canned for year-round use, and it’s largely become a lost art as people turn to electric freezers … Read more

Feeding Hens

While most who raise hens today for eggs buy feed from local supply shops, a self-suufficient farm needs to learn to feed hens sufficiently with farm-produced ingredients.  The USDA published a great handbook in 1919 explaining just how to do this. Read:  usda_feeding-hens-for-egg-production