The Key Difference: Nature

by William Michael The majority of modern scientists, regardless of their professed religion, are “mechanists”.  What this means is that they believe that everything that concerns living things can be explained in mechanical terms, that the natural world, animals, weather, and human beings can and should all be thought of and managed like machines. This is not … Read more

The Temperaments of Herbs

I. All medicines simply considered in themselves are either hot, cold, moist, dry…or temperate. The qualities of medicines are considered in respect of man, not of themselves; for those simples are called hot, which heat our bodies; those cold, which cool them; and those temperate, which work no change at all in them, in respect to … Read more

Celsus, Rules for Health

A sound man, who is both in health, and his own master, ought to confine himself to no rules; and neither call for the assistance of a physician. It is good for him to diversify his way of life; to be sometimes in the country, sometimes in the city, and frequently in the fields; to … Read more

James 5:7

“Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain.”

Galen on Nature

[There] are people who think that Nature is not artistic, that she does not show forethought for the animal’s welfare, and that she has absolutely no native powers whereby she alters some substances, attracts others, and discharges others. Galen, On the Natural Faculties, I.12 In other words, it was believed by Galen that Nature was … Read more

Weeds: How to Control Them

A farm can be made almost free of especially troublesome weeds by strictly observing the following principles: (1) Prevent weeds from going to seed on the farm; (2) prevent weed seeds from being brought to the farm; and (3) in the case of perennial weeds, prevent them from making top growth and thus finally starve … Read more

Cattle Terms

Calf:  Baby cattle of both genders, until weaning Heifer:  young, female cattle that has not calved Steer:  castrated male cattle Bull:  adult, male cattle capable of breeding (“intact”) Ox:  mature steer (2+ years), trained for draft work Cow:  adult, female cattle that has calved

Subsistence Farming, Part 1

When people are frustrated, it is easy for them to fly, wildly, to extremes and imagine them to be real solutions.  We see this nowhere better than in political mess before us in the presidential election this year.  People who are struggling financially in the suburban life, or Christians who are uncomfortable working with unbelievers because … Read more