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Purchase one or more cow shares and receive fresh milk on the farm or at a drop-off location.  Our milk is the A2/A2 milk everyone is looking for in raw milk. By purchasing a dairy herd share from Michael Family Farm (MFF), the Buyer agrees to the following terms:

Please note that our $70 share fee is a one-time fee.  Other farms charge $50 yearly share fees.

If you are a herd share owner and simply need to renew your service fee subscription, click here.




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To enjoy raw (i.e., fresh) milk in the state of North Carolina, one must be the owner–or partial owner--of the cow from which the milk is taken.  This is not only true for the farm, but also for anyone who buys a share of a cow offered by the farm.  Michael Family Farm is happy to offer raw milk legally through our dairy share program.

How it Works

The program is very simple:

  • Purchase one or more dairy shares. One share provides the share owner with the opportunity to receive approximately one gallon of fresh milk per week for as long as the monthly service fee is paid to the farm.  This fee provides two 1/2 gallon glass jars and plastic lids for your milk, which must be washed and returned before new milk may be received.  Replacement jars and lids may be purchased here.  Please see our Dairy Share Agreement for more details.
  • Pay service fees for your shares. The monthly service fee provides for all cow care, feeding, milking, bottling and storage, year-round.  Remember that cows must be fed even when not in milk. Please see our Dairy Boarding Agreement for more details.
  • No Milk in Summer.  Dairying in the south is different from dairying in the north.  We schedule the calving of our dairy cows for the end of the summer, and give them two months of rest from milking (July, August).  Milk is available from September 23 through June 20.  Please note that service fees must be paid year-round by herd share owners because the cows need feeding and care even when not actively milking.
  • Make pick-up arrangements.  Share owners may pick up their milk at a drop-off location or at the farm (by appointment).  Always call or text before coming to make sure your milk will be ready when you arrive.

That’s it!  We take care of everything needed on the farm.

About Our Cows

We keep a herd of beautiful A2/A2 Jersey dairy cows, who are visible out in the fields or resting in the shade every day, enjoy free access to pasture grass and high quality, locally-grown hay.  We do feed the cows a grain mix at milking time to help bring them in and settle them while they’re being milked, the quantity of which is based on their condition/need.  Our cows are very gently cared for and milked one at a time at milking times.  All of our dairy cow manure is collected for our compost piles, meaning that there is no waste produced by our cows and our gardens receive the best fertilizer nature has to offer.  You can see from the photos that these are family cows, cared for the right way.

About Our Milk

Our milk is different from store-bought milk in many ways, which is the reason it is slightly more expensive.

  1. Our milk is A2/A2 raw milk.  Reports have suggested that digestion and allergy problems with dairy products may be reduced by the use of A2/A2 milk and all of our cows provide it.
  2. Our milk is fresher than store milk.  The “sell by” date on a grocery store milk container can be more than three weeks after the milk was collected from the cow.  We milk twice daily and you will always receive milk that was collected at the milking before you arrived–never more than 24 hours.
  3. Our fresh Jersey milk is creamier than store milk–some say the creamiest of all cows’ milk.  You will have plenty of cream for butter, whipping cream, etc.
  4. Our milk tastes better than store bought milk.  Our milk is creamy, sweet and delicious.
  5. Our milk is not “pasteurized”, but raw, so you do not need to be concerned about the loss of any “good” bacteria in our milk.
  6. Our milk is not “homogenized”, which means that cream in our milk will separate and rise to the top in your bottles, as it always did in the past.  You can remove that cream for coffee or home-made butter, or shake it up and enjoy a glass of delicious “whole” milk.
  7. Our milk is cleaner than store milk.  We do not pump milk through pipelines into tanks here on the farm, but milk directly into clean, stainless steel buckets from which the milk is filtered twice and poured into clean bottles for cooling after milking.  All milking equipment is washed thoroughly and sanitized twice daily.  This limits the need for powerful cleansing chemicals, which include acids, used in many modern dairies.
  8. Our milk containers are nicer than store milk.  Hey, if you like the plastic containers store milk comes in, fine.  If you like high quality containers and an old-fashioned farm feel, you’ll enjoy our half-gallon glass jars and metal canning lids.

Important:  Milk obtained through our dairy cow share program cannot be re-sold or distributed.


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Customer Reviews

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Milk and Eggs

Hands down some of the friendliest people around. We purchase the raw milk and eggs and it is some of the best I have ever tried.

Healthy Options

Looking for healthy options vs store bought is what led me to MFF. I had been searching for some time. Their milk is wonderful, can’t say enough good things about it. I love milk but in the past it never liked me. I don’t have the negative side effects with their milk. I plan on making butter and buttermilk from it also. Would love to try some of their other product as well. Looking forward to a long relationship with MFF

Incredible Milk

Not only is the milk incredible, but the family that produces the milk with their cows are the most wonderful people. I love seeing them and hearing about their farm endeavors. I feel so blessed to have found them and to have this opportunity to get fresh raw milk. God truly answered my prayers. I’m ordering all the things they are offering. We love eating whole, natural, and local foods. Don’t miss out on this chance to enrich your families life with all they have to offer. Who needs the grocery store- not me.

Love MFF!

Love MFF, the milk tastes great and fresh! We have bought eggs from them before as well, before ours started laying continuously, eggs were very good too! Not what you get from the store! YES! There is a BIG difference from what you get from the store and what you get fresh from a FAMILY farm! Well worth the money! Costs are same as store, but the PLUSES too MFF is that it's all fresh and will and humanily raised livestock! So much more I can say! LOVE MFF!


My family and I are so glad to have found MFF! They have always provided excellent quality service! Our family loves their raw milk and fresh eggs.... Yummy! Drinking their raw milk is such a delight, because of its freshness and how creamy it is. We are so blessed to be able to have access to such good products! We are also considering purchasing their grass fed meat in the near future. We highly recommend MFF! Based on our experience I can assure you that you will not be disappointed! Thanks MFF for your hard work and dedication!

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