Dairy Cow Share

From: $30.00 / month and a $50.00 sign-up fee

Purchase one or more cow shares and receive fresh milk and/or dairy products from the farm.  Choose the annual plan to save $60.

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To enjoy fresh, unprocessed milk in the state of North Carolina, one must be the owner of the cow from which the milk is taken.  This may be done if one owns a share of a herd.  Michael Family Farm is happy to offer raw milk legally through our dairy share program.

How it Works

The program is very simple:

  • Purchase one or more dairy shares.  Shares cost $50 each and provide members with opportunity to receive one gallon of fresh milk per week for up to 5 years.  This fee provides two 1/2 gallon glass jars and plastic lids for your milk, which should be returned clean each time you pick up new milk.  Replacement jars will be available for cost ($2-3) at the market.
  • Pay service fees for your shares.  Monthly service fee is $30 per month per share.  Rates are discounted for members subscribing annually.  Average cost is $5.77 per gallon of fresh, Jersey milk.
  • Schedule your dairy pickup at the farm or delivery at home.  Please note that an additional fee is required for delivery.
  • Substitute dairy products of equal value as desired.  Contact us to discuss availability of other dairy products.

That’s it!  We take care of everything needed on the farm.  You can say hello to the cows any time you visit the market.

About Our Cows

We keep a herd of beautiful Jersey dairy cows, who are visible on the farm every day, grazing in the pasture or resting under a shady tree.  When the weather is bad, we provide them with high quality wheat/ryegrass hay.  We DO NOT use grains or any other treatments to attempt to force maximum production from our cows, but accept what they produce naturally, in the best of health.  We do use a small amount of a grain mix at milking time to help bring them in, just as you would a treat to call a family pet, but that’s it.  You’ll see us working to continually improve our pasture to provide our dairy cows with year-round access to fresh forage and, God helping us, maintain a grass-fed dairy.  All of our dairy cow manure is collected and added to our compost piles eventually spread in our gardens, meaning that there is no waste produced by our cows.

About Our Milk

Our milk is different from store-bought milk in many ways, which is the reason it is slightly more expensive.  First, our milk is fresher than store milk.  The “sell by” date on a grocery store milk container can be more than three weeks after the milk was collected from the cow.  We milk twice daily and you will always receive milk that was collected at the milking before you arrived–never more than 12 hours.  Second, Jersey cow milk is creamier than store milk–some say the creamiest of all cows’ milk.  Third, our milk is not “pasteurized”, but raw, so you do not need to be concerned about the loss of any “good” bacteria in our milk.  Fourth, our milk is not “homogenized”, which means that cream in our milk will separate and rise to the top in your bottles, as it did in the old days.  You can remove that cream for coffee or home-made butter, or enjoy a glass of the most delicious “whole” milk any time.  Fifth, we do not pump milk through pipelines into tanks here on the farm, but milk directly into clean, stainless steel buckets which are poured directly into clean bottles for cooling after milking.  This limits the need for powerful cleansing chemicals, which include acids, used in many modern dairies.  Lastly, our milk is stored in clean, half-gallon mason jars for convenient storage and use at home.

Note:  Milk purchased through our dairy cow share program cannot be re-sold or distributed.


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