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Pre-order one or more dairy goat shares and receive fresh milk on the farm or delivered to your home in 2019-2020. Goats’ milk will be available–LEGALLY–from Michael Family Farm for a limited number of share owners as we build a new herd of first-class Nubian dairy goats.

By purchasing a dairy herd share from Michael Family Farm (MFF), the Buyer agrees to the following terms:

Please note that our $50 share fee is a one-time fee.  

Payment of the monthly service fee is not necessary at this time.



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To enjoy raw (i.e., fresh) goat’s milk in the state of North Carolina, one must be the owner–or partial owner--of the goat from which the milk is taken.  This is not only true for the farm, but also for anyone who buys a share of a goat offered by the farm.  Michael Family Farm is happy to offer raw milk legally through our dairy share program.

Our monthly dairy goat service fee will be $30 per month for 1/2 gallon of fresh goats’ milk each week.  This monthly service fee will be required when milk is ready for pick-up/delivery.

How it Works

The program is very simple:

  • Purchase one or more dairy shares. One share provides the share owner with the opportunity to receive approximately one-half gallon of fresh goat’s milk per week for as long as the monthly service fee is paid to the farm.  This fee provides one 1/2 gallon glass jar and metal lid for your milk, which must be washed and returned before new milk may be received.  Replacement jars and lids may be purchased here.  Please see our Dairy Goat Share Agreement for more details.
  • Pay service fees for your shares. The monthly service fee provides for all goat care, feeding, milking, bottling and storage, year-round.  Remember that cows must be fed even when not in milk. Please see our Dairy Boarding Agreement for more details.
  • No Milk in Summer.  Dairying in the south is different from dairying in the north.  We schedule the calving of our dairy goats for the end of the summer, and give them two months of rest from milking (July, August).  Milk is available from September 23 through June 20.  Please note that service fees must be paid year-round by herd share owners because the cows need feeding and care even when not actively milking.
  • Make pick-up/delivery arrangements.  Share owners may have milk delivered weekly or pick up at the farm by appointment.  Always call or text before coming to make sure your milk will be ready when you arrive.

That’s it!  We take care of everything needed on the farm.  You can say hello to the cows any time you visit the market.

Dairy Goats at MFF

We kept a herd of Nubian dairy goats on Michael Family Farm, but moved exclusively to cows in 2017.  All of the pictures of dairy goats and dairy goat products on our website are from our former herd of Nubians.

In 2019-2020, we will be building a herd of highest-quality Nubian dairy goats.  We are seeking five initial share owners to invest in our goat dairy before we begin making goat’s milk available.

About Goat’s Milk

“Goat milk is delicious, nutritious and wholesome. It may not be a miracle food, but it does have distinct characteristics that make it beneficial. The fat globules are smaller than those in cow milk and the curd is softer and smaller, making the digestion easier. Those who are allergic to cow milk may tolerate and thrive on goat milk.”  (American Dairy Goat Association)

Important:  Milk obtained through our dairy cow share program cannot be re-sold or distributed.


Additional information

Payment Method

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