Fresh Eggs Subscription

$16.00 / month

Dairy share owners may receive fresh eggs with their weekly milk at a discounted price.  Save $1 per dozen!

What customers are telling us:

“Your eggs are by far the best!  We have been getting some from another farm via a local grocery store but we all taste and appreciate the difference in yours.”

“Those are some good looking eggs!”

“We absolutely love the milk and the eggs.”


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Here on the farm, we raise beautiful, healthy hens and delicious eggs.  Our hens enjoy free access to high quality feed, fresh milk, and are free to roam outside their coop during daylight hours.   We collect eggs several times each day, so they are always clean.  Our hens are given absolutely no medications or treatments of any kind.  “Those who are healthy have no need of a physician.”

We offer discounted prices on fresh eggs to dairy share owners who add eggs to their weekly milk deliveries.   For a monthly fee subscribers receive 1 dozen eggs per week with their milk delivery or pickup.