Half Hog Pork Purchase


Purchase a half hog and receive 50 lbs. of our dairy-fed, pasture-raised pork at an excellent price.

Please note that processing will take one month from the time of purchase.

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A half hog provides 50 lbs. of dairy-fed, pasture-raised pork at a very affordable price.  You can order as many halves as you wish, depending on your storage capacity or group size.  Once your purchase is made, we will contact you to discuss your desired cuts and options.

Our hogs are raised on pasture, enjoying free access to forage and nuts, and fed from our dairy, providing them with a healthy source of protein and nutrients.  They are given no chemical supplements ever.

Meat processing is handled by a Grade A butcher, providing buyers with vacuum-sealed, labeled and frozen packages in easy-to-handle quantities.